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We are wrapping up December at The Daily Digi before everyone heads out for the holidays. Katie and Steph are sharing some favorite posts from December, as well as some fun tips from the Playbook, announcements, and more. 

Be sure to become a member of The Digi Files before December's are gone!


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Today, I visit with Katie Nelson, writer and team member at The Daily Digi, about her journey in digital scrapbooking and memory keeping. We also talk a little about her favorite products to use on a layout, how she found her style, and her commitment to PhotoShop Elements. Katie also shares some big changes that are in the works for her during 2014.

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In this episode, I sit down with digital designer, Lisa Hanks from Southern Creek Designs, and learn about her busy life as a designer and mom to 14 children (no that is not a typo). Lisa had me laughing right out loud many times and I'm sure she will have the same affect on you!

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Steph sat down with team member Heddy a couple of weeks ago to chat about her digital scrapbooking history, style, favorite tricks, and writing for The Daily Digi.  Check out her layouts here http://www.flickr.com/photos/61725505@N00/

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We are kicking off December with a few announcements and a new issue of The Digi Files, of course! 

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Katie and Steph are talking about some of the new things happening at The Daily Digi as well as some of the great things people won't want to miss that took place during November. November is almost over, so don't miss out! Become a member at TheDailyDigi.com/sign-up

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Lynne-Marie joins Steph to share about her life in Quebec, Canada how she got started in digital scrapbooking and became a designer. Lynne-Marie also shares about one of her favorite products, which is also a favorite product of Steph's (an innovative and useful product) and balancing life with designing. Lynne-Marie also shares her inspiration for her contribution to The Digi Files and some of the fun ways it can be used. 

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Steph is visiting with Lena of Bella Gypsy about how she and Tabatha got into digital scrapbooking and how they became a design team. As sisters and friends; they live, work, and play in Kentucky. They also discuss Bella Gypsy's contribution to The Digi Files this month and the inspiration behind the creation. You can find the Bella Gypsy feature with images of her contribution and other things discussed in this show here:


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Amanda Taylor from Taylormade Designs joins Steph and shares a bit about her life in the South, her history as a scrapper and designer, and what inspires her as a designer. She also shares the surprising inspiration behind her contribution to The Digi Files this month.


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Steph visits with Angela of Angelcluaud Artroom who is sharing about her life in Indonesia, her entry into digital scrapbooking and designing, her contribution to The Digi Files and a special project she created for her mom. You can find Angela's feature with previews of her contribution as well as everything we are talking about in this show at: 


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Steph is visiting with Anna Aspnes of Anna Aspnes Designs about life in Colorado, how she started digital scrapbooking and designing about 11 years ago, how things have changed, her style, and her contribution to The Digi Files. Find Anna's feature at The Daily Digi with previews of her contribution, products, and so much more at: 

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Steph is chatting with Misty Cato about life in the Seattle area, Misty's digtial scrapbooking and design history, some scrapping tips, and her contribution to The Digi Files.  Find Misty's feature with previews of her contribution, screenshots for her tip, and so much more here: http://thedailydigi.com/misty-cato-sweet-days-with-you

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We are announcing the designers that are contributing to The Digi Files this month as well as sharing some of the things we have in store during November, 2013.

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Katie and I are talking wrapping up October by sharing some of our favorite tips from the Playbook, posts from the month, Digi Files products, and a few other bits of news and announcements. Only a few more days to download The Digi Files for October and get an amazing deal from all of the designers you've heard from this month!

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Steph and Katie are visiting with Gina Cabrera of Digital Design Essentials about her life, her family, her beginnings in digital scrapbook design and her career spanning over 10 years. Gina is a contributor to The Digi Files during October, 2013

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IN this episode, we talk to designer Kristin Cronin-Barrow of Kristin CB Designs and learn about her, her life, family, the tools she uses, and her creative process.

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Today we are visiting with Lorelei of Studio Rosey Posey as she shares with us a bit about her, her life in Canada, how she began designing digital scrapbook supplies, and so much more.

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Today Steph and Katie are joined by One Little Bird Designs who is a contributor to The Digi Files during October, 2013. We talk about her life in Wisconsin, how she got started designing, her tools she uses for designing, and where her inspiration comes from, plus a surprising new love she's recntly discovered.

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Katie and Steph are introducing this new show, the format, and what you can expect going forward.

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